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Our President's Latest Letter

Dear Dames,

I’m beyond thrilled that so many of you joined us for the virtual Induction Ceremony. Just as the start of school always seems like the beginning of the new year, the introduction of our new members always feels like the start of a new term for LDNY. Our new Dames bring fresh energy and innovative perspectives to our organization and help us all develop new and rewarding friendships. It’s been a tough six months but I see our desire to come together to celebrate the renewal of LDNY as a testament to our belief in our strength and a fulfillment of our mission to support each other. Sure, we all wish we could have joined together over a spectacular dinner but we didn’t let the pandemic stop us from giving our ten outstanding new Dames a very warm welcome.   

There are lots of other events coming up that will give us the opportunity to get together. The 2020 LDEI Gratitude Conference is slated for October 16-17 and is being offered for the very modest price of $25. You can register HERE to take part in the program which is packed with opportunities for chapter- and self-development and offers a chance to interact with Dames from all over the world.

Also in the works is a pared down but dynamic virtual version of The Next Big Bite, focused on what’s next for restaurants. Moderated by Dame Barbara Sibley, our panel will include Ruth Reichel, Angie Mar of Beatrice Inn, and Yvette Leeper-Bueno of Vinateria. You can REGISTER now for this  October 8 event.

Sourdough bread was this year’s breakout kitchen activity. This winter it’s slated to be pickles, kimchi, and escabeche. Get ahead of the trend by SIGNing UP for LDNY’S fermentation and food preservation workshop with Chef Cortney Burns of Tartine on October 19. I’ve already registered so you know what you’ll be seeing on my Instagram account in the coming months.

Hopefully, you’ve already marked your calendars for October 26, the day of our Annual Business Meeting. This year, we’ll begin the program with a Memorial to Carol Brock. Invitations will be sent early in October and I’m sure many of you will want to sign up to share your remembrances of our remarkable founder.

You all know how critical it is to vote in our national election but it’s also important to cast your ballot in our LDNY election. In the last week, you should have received an email from me with the subject line Vote now: Les Dames New York Board of Director's. If you haven’t already, I hope you will take the time to open it, click through, and vote. If you didn’t get the email, please check your spam or junk folder. You will get one reminder. In order to vote you must click on the link in the email; we cannot send you a link. Thanks for taking the time to participate in ratifying our new officers and Board of Directors.

Let’s hope that as we move through fall, we continue to stay healthy and are able to be out and about a bit while safely socially distanced. To those of you who celebrate the High Holy Days, I wish you Shanah Tovah. It literally means (have a) good year and it is certainly my wish for all of us.

With my warmest regards,

Dame Sharon Franke


Les Dames d’Escoffier New York

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