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February, 2018


The winter and flu season are (mercifully) passing swiftly. I hope it has been a good and productive one for each of you.

Members engaged in LDNY's many important committees have been working diligently to develop interesting activities and programs that help attract, inform and enlighten each of you, while fulfilling our mission to support -- through scholarships and mentoring -- the next generation of women leaders in gastronomy, fine wines and beverages, and hospitality.

As always, you are encouraged to speak up and reach out if there are directions you would like to see the chapter taking. And if you are able to participate on a committee or in support of a planned event -- no matter how vast or limited your volunteer time -- that effort is appreciated. It is also part of your commitment to Les Dames d'Escoffier.

Listening to Your Voices With a New Relational Member Survey

Building solid opportunities for members to network and identify best practices and new career models is key to LDNY's future. In order to engage members in the process of building that future together, a brief Member Survey has been crafted that asks for your opinions and preferences in a simple, systematic format.

The survey will be sent to every New York chapter member, via a MonkeySurvey e-mail, within the next few days. Please look for it in your e-mail in-boxes. It should take no longer than 5-7 minutes to complete. Responses are requested two weeks after receipt. We are encouraging all of our membership -- from "newbies" to "lifers" and everyone in-between -- to share, via this survey, what you need and want from our very special organization. This will help provide a renewed roadmap for moving forward with constructive recommendations that will aid us with programming, sponsorship, mentoring, member recruitment, and more.

LDNY Committees are Active, Building and Growing

High praise goes to LDNY's substantial committees and the work that is well underway since the start of the new year. A brand new Sponsorship Committee has been established, led by its Chair, Dame Tanya Bastianich-Manuali and including Dames Marjorie Wolfson, Terry Fishman, Lori Levy, Sharon Franke and Marsha Palanci. The goal of the committee is to create a strategic framework for reaching out to potential corporate and individual sponsors, and to Foundations. The committee will also serve as an umbrella consultancy for the other LDNY committees with sponsorship responsibilities including Scholarship and The Next Big Bite. Any members who have experience and/or interest in sponsor relationship development and outreach, please contact Tanya directly: tanya@lidiasitaly.com. The Committee is also looking for members who have background or knowledge working in the Foundation arena.

The Communications Committee seeks the active participation of LDNY members who are Public Relations Specialists in both new and traditional media relations, speechwriting, and securing speaking engagements and various spokesperson opportunities. Spreading the word about LDNY will position our organization and its members as influential thought leaders. As almost one in six of our members is working in the public relations field, we are counting on you to step up and join this effort. Please contact Dame Ronnie Campbell: theburrellgroupltd@msn.com

Prepare to hear in March from the Membership Committee, co-chaired by Dames Deborah Mintcheff and Marsha Palanci. As we are an invitation-only organization, it is up to our members to identify qualified potential members who are willing to invest time and make meaningful contributions to LDNY. All application documents with instructions will be distributed soon.

Scholarship Committee activities are up and running. The Committee led by Dames Aileen Robbins and Susan Westmoreland are working with targeted schools to identify the very best recipients for LDNY cash awards.

Progressive Programs and Events Ahead

All members are receiving, on a regular basis, an impressive listing of upcoming activities scheduled by Program Chair, Dame Janeen Sarlin, and her imaginative committee. Providing heads-up dates, well in advance, allows you to protect calendars so that you are not missing any of these wonderful opportunities.

Offerings run the gamut from walking tours, tastings and restaurant meals, to classes and discussion salons. Here's some of what's coming up. There will be more.

  • Evening Salon with Stefanie Sacks, Author of "What the Fork are You Eating?" - March 12
  • Georgian Supra! A Culinary Journey in the Caucasus - Oda House (Luncheon), March 23
  • New York City Tech College Wine and Dinner Event - April 9
  • LDNY First International Culinary Tour - Sicily, Italy - April 15-22
  • Dutch Treat "As Long as we Both Shall Eat" Book Discussion/Get-Together - May 18
  • True World Fish Market/Butchering Tour and Lunch - June 24 TBD
  • Day at the Beach and Farm-to-Table Dinner in Far Rockaway - July 18 TBD


LDNY in Support of IACP

The New York chapter hosted a "Manhattan Meet-Up" for LDEI (including LDNY) members registered to attend the IACP conference in New York. Scheduled on International Margarita Day (February 22nd), the Meet-Up was held at Dame Barbara Sibley's La Palapa Restaurant and attended by approximately 40 LDEI members registered for IACP, and accompanied by special Mexican appetizers and La Dama Hibiscus Margaritas.

In Memoriam: Supporting Our Sisterhood

Please take a moment to offer condolences to Dame Laura Maioglio on the death of her husband, Dr. Günter Blobel, a Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology at Rockefeller University. A founder and cherished member of Les Dames d'Escoffier's New York chapter, Laura is the owner of Barbetta Restaurant and has contributed much to our organization. Please send your condolences directly to Laura:

Laura Maioglio
Barbetta Restaurant
1100 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10128-1202
(212) 246-9171


Stay well, and thank you for all you do.
With warm regards,
Dame Joan Brower

Joan Brower

President, LDNY
E-mail: Brower180@aol.com


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